Week 2

Three images :


“blackNyellow” Day, By David Brodeur


This artist’s artwork consists of these colors : black, yellow, red, green, blue, white. The Focus of the artwork is on the unusual spherical shape which has an organic look to it. It has many beveled holes inside it which are either collapsed or extruded.There are also small spheres around the main object which have a mix of the colors yellow and green. They look similar to paintball balls. All of the objects are placed on what looks like a water surface which has a noise deformer applied to it. The background which containts more yellow-green spheres is blurred.



Concept Matte 01, By frankhong


This artwork is a concept matte painting. The whole painting is done digitally and it has a dark feel to it because of the fog enveloping the structures.There are futuristic buildings which create a big city. The biggest building on the right looks like a futuristic sattelite dish. The rest of the buildings are either skyscrapers or residential buildings. The foreground contains a bridge that’s crossing a large river. Furthemore there are birds flying from the left side of the painting into the horizon. Lastly the sky is dark with sun shining through a gap in the clouds.


Untitled, By David McLeod


This artists work revolves around putting different objects with different materials applied to them to form an abstract shape. In this case we can observe 10 objects in the scene with a turqoise colored background. The objects have different materials applied to them which include :  fur, plastic, refractive material, and water material. The objects don’t have a unified shaped nor do they have a unified scale even though they are all spheres. The light is coming from the top of the scene creating shadows on the bottom of the objects that are in its path and creating reflections/refractions in the see-through materials.


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