• Read Errol Morris Article. Write up an analysis of the article identify the following parts: thesis, main arguments, conclusion. Post on OCWF page.

Thesis statement:  If photography can be used to fake reality of truthfull evidence then can it be used as a tool of  public persuasion/deception?

Arguments : 

  1. It is unclear if the source provides illustration of a text or an idea of evidence of some underlying reality or both
  2. If it is an evidence there is no certainty that it can be trusted/relied upon
  3. Why do we seem to trust photographs ?
  4. Visual processing of the images that results in emotional effects on the person
  5. Brain processes visual inputs and mixes them with memories associated with those images
  6. Visual processing of text is very different because its being processed in a different part of the brain
  7. visual, language and auditory types of learning
  8. if people are told that the information is incorrect they tend to forget it
  9. Only misinformation is remembered
  10. If they are subsequently told its wrong they end up believeing it
  11. Photo manipulation can also be a way to bring attention to the photograph itself
  12. Changing the caption is often enough to decieve the viewers
  13. Low-res images are believed to be genuine but the opposite is the truth


Conclusion :

People tend to trust what they see because of the impact of the visual information processed by the brain. Even though if they are told the information is fake they tend to forget it and only remember some misinformation. Using all of this the photographs can be manipulated by simply adding captions to the low resolution images. Faking the photographs is also a perfect way to gain attention for the desired purposes.


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