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The Complete History Of Marvel Superhero Movies:

Everyone knows the titles like Iron Man, Avengers or Captain America but not everyone knows how it all started when the marvel movies werent as popular as nowadays. Over the course of decades Marvel changed the face of the movies as we know them today since the movies they make are almost as old as the comics which are the fuel for their ideas for movies. Captain America (1944) was made by the studio named Republic as a 15-part serial film  which was a popular format in those years. In these years the company had its original name which was Republic only to later transition to the name Marvel which we know these days. Furthermore the original Captain America was very different from the one we know today. The main hero wasn’t a scrawny guy that we sypathized with who was later injected with super serum that gave him superpowers, rather he was a normal person using a shield and firearms to fight the evil. Nonetheless the series was very popular and it put marvel on the right tracks so to speak.

Following the success of Captain America, Marvel released Spider-Man after 25 years (live action adaptation) which was dissapointing to them and they decided to abandon the project and license it to a company Toei. Even though they we displeased CBS saw a potential in it and decided to commision short series for the following year. The third Marvel live action project was Doctor Strange which went through a similar endeavour as Spider-Man. Although it was well recieved and had the most input in it from Stan Lee who was a script consultant at the time it was planned to be a backdoor pilot for a TV series that would never be brought to completion. Even though this was the third Marvel live action movie Doctor Strange went down as the companys first in the cinematic history.

Following year Marvel made a deal with CBS to produce two Captain America movies. Although the main character was much closer to the comics than the tv adaptation made by Republic this time the main character (Steve Rogers) was injected with an experimental drug following an accident which resulted in his transformation to Captain America. After their slight misfortune in the TV entertainment Marvel decided to try their luck on the big screen but it didn’t go exactly like they planned it would go. George Lucas was interested in adapting one of their comics shortly after American Graffiti but he chose to focus on a smaller project called Star Wars.

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