Article 2

The Complete History Of Marvel Superhero Movies part2:

Next big project was Iron man which played a big part in Marvel’s history. The main problem Marvel had was being unable to capitalize on the characters strengths in live-action. The company almost went bankrupt and entrusted their work to terrible studios before they finally realized their mistakes. For the first time since the late 70´s they returned to Captain America. The movie was already in the making in the middle of the 80´s by the company Cannon Group that bought the rights from Marvel and began the work on the script with the help of Stan Lee. Furthermore, Menahem Golan left the Cannon Group and he owned the rights which were transferred to his new company named 21st century Film. The company planned to release the movie in honor of the characters 50th anniversary in the 1990 but they encountered many delays and production issues which postpponed the movie for the next 2 years. Meanwhile at the TV the company wasnt doing great either. The final movie based on the Hulk TV series, aired in 1990. The movie was planned to include another character, She Hulk being the first consideration and later Iron Man being considered as well but those ideas were discarded and it was decided to end the movie with the Hulk sacrificing himself at the end of the movie. Marvel had an unfortunate history with attempting to get on the big screen so far. And the first Fantastic Four movie was not any different. The movie was based on the Marvel´s first family and it was brought by the German producer Bernd Eichinger in the mid 80´s with the deadline of 1992. However, as the time passed the deadline was getting closer without any real results and the studio became anxious about losing them so the production had to be “sped up” and went to a B-movie with a budget of 1 milion. The filming began in 1992 with a release planned for 1993 that was again pushed back to 1994 but the movie never seen the big screen despite promotion and plans for the premiere. The main theory to why the movie never materialized was that the B-movie version of the movie would harm Marvel´s reputation.  Every copy of the movie was destroyed under the agreement that one of the producers would pay for the costs of making the movie. After that once again, Marvel retreated back to the TV screen but this time not for long. A pilot for the TV series based on mutants was announced but it never got popular because of the poor ratings. However, Marvel had one last trick up their sleeve. Nick Fury: Agent of Shield. The story revolved around a retired agent (Nick Fury) fighting Hydra to stop a biological attack on Manhattan. The series had mixed ratings but it is recognized as Marvel´s last shot at the TV show format. Following that Marvel announced the making of the movie: Blade. It was the first Marvel movie to make it to market since the dissapointments in the 70´s. Blade laid the foundation to the whole superhero genre that we see to this day.


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