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Criticism of Avengers

Marvel´s The Avengers directed by Joss Whedon was based on the novel ‘Push’ by sapphire was believed to be a total fiasco but it became a mega-hit in the opening week. The movies Iron man, The incredible Hulk, Iron man 2, Thor, Captain America:The first avenger were basically a $100 milion-plus chain of feature-length trailers over the course of 3 years. Furthermore, each of the afromentioned movies have their sequels already in work as part of the Marvel cinematic Universe which Marvel and Paramount pictures set up in 2005.If that’s still not enough there are still decades of comic books to for the Avengers to draw the story and inspiration from. Jim Emerson argues that the movie’s superpower is that it was ‘critic proof’. This term might be frequently used to signify a movie that people want to see without concerning themselves with if its good or bad.

“A movie like “Marvel’s The Avengers” doesn’t need critics and critics don’t need it. Of course, it’s perfectly reviewable in mainstream journalistic/consumer guide terms (story, character, action, effects, acting, etc.). My own hunch is that it’s not going to be subjected to much in-depth critical analysis. Not of its aesthetics, anyway. Somebody might write about how it changed the movie business (if it does), or study the mythology of the “Marvel Cinematic Universe,” or examine the technologies used in making it, but they’re not going to study the filmmaking, which is serviceable but little more. ”  (Emerson,2012)

The primary goal of the movie is to attract the viewers by being visually interesting and having a lot of action sequences. If that’s all there is to it there is no need for criticism.

A big part of the movie and its identity is CGI which is present in the majority of the movie. The most heavy CGI part is near the end of the movie when aliens invade Manhattan and the Avengers try to work together to stop the threat from destroying the world. The sequence includes a lot of alien ships invading the city and also a gigantic flying carrier which is on the avengers side but gets destroyed at the end. The movie is designed to appeal to the audience which knows what to expect from it.

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