Article 4

According to film critic A.O. Scott superheroes movies peaked in quality in 2008 and have been in decline ever since. The movies he is most likely talking about are the Dark Knight and Iron man which marked the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Othe films were released to expand the Cinematic Universe which I talked about in the previous article. Even though each one of these movies dominated the big screen there was something lacking in each one, be it too much mindless action, the purpose of making money or the feeling of the movie being mass produced. Many people believe that this was the revolutionary era for people reading comics but the MCU has so many issues that they wish it got back to how things were back in 2008.

Lets start with Iron Man which starrs Robert Downey Jr. who’s a playboy, inventor and a milionaire. What the fans really wanted was to see Iron Man facing the public after being unmasked. The director (Jon Favreau) uncovered that he was adapting the “Demon in the Bottle” story arc for the sequel where Tony Stark is an alcoholic. Everything was fine until the news about Disney buying Marvel for $4 bilion surfaced. As we all know Disney is a company that is founded on the movies that are family friendly which was the biggest problem since superhero movies were meant to be completely different. Even after Stan Lee assured everyone that everything is going to be fine since Disney had a lot of money to back up the future franchises things went completely the opposite way. The Iron Man 2 was change in such a obvious way from the original that it was way too obvious that it was meant to be just a propaganda for the later released Avengers. The promised part about Tony dealing with alcoholism was shaved down to just a couple of jokes. The Avengers became revolutionary at the comic book history since it was Marvels response to DC’s Justice League. Over the course of three years Stan Lee set up five popular characters with their complete backgrounds and adventure and after they brought them together we had a understanding of who they really were. After Disneys setting up of the universe they had an idea to give each character at least two movies in order to give them more bnackground and stability. However, this idea quickly faded as the Thor’s character didnt even go into Norse mythology, Captain americas original timeline (World was 2)  didnt get enough screen time and instead of giving Iron Man more background screen time for Nick Fury and The Black Widow was added.


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