„Antoine Magnien is a Parisian CGI artist who keeps his eyes on the world wide open. As well as holding a double degree in Cinema (ESRA) and Graphic Arts (ESPAA), he is imbued with a broad visual culture that he has honed over the years;  his discernment and creative sensibilities put to use in every projec. A total perfectionist, he focuses on the smallest detail in his interpretation of photorealism. After an initial dive into the world of multi-media, Antoine received his first advertising commission in 1999 for BNP Paribas, from the agency BETC. He has since received awards for many campaigns that subsequently followed; including Amnesty International in 2011, Naturalia in 2013 and more recently for Babybel in 2014.“

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An artist who works mainly with fluid simulations and 3D objects focusing on their interaction. Using various materials he conveys the desired message in a right way. In his artworks he creates situations that would be challenging or even impossible to recreate in reality. Utilizing fluid simulations and their interaction with 3D objects he creates works that are very satisfying to look at. Furthermore, by using the right lighting and materials he conveys the right emotions or appropriate setting for the desired purpose.



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