Statement of Intent

I’m interested in visual effects that are often used by major film studios, and how these are used within a contemporary art context.My main focus is making particle and fluid simulations utilizing appropriate 3D software. In the process I use the tools that are available to me as well as personal experience and experimentation. Furthermore, I utilize photorealistic lighting as well as different software and materials which influence the finished work. I’m mostly interested in the relationship of the movement, materials and form and how it influences 3D objects. This enables me to create interesting looking video sequences that are pleasing to watch.Beyond that, Im also interested in creating different sequences that defy the laws of reality making them fantastical. Furthermore, I like to explore different relationships and interactions between various substances like gas, water, physical objects viscous fluids and putting them in the environments that are unnatural to their normal occurence. By using different animations which I combine witch the fluid simulations I create situations that are abstract and mostly don‘t occur in real life. By juxtaposing and mixing the sequences I have created I explore situations that are outside of the realm of reality and create create situations and behaviour that could never occur in real life. I’m mostly inspired by the works of major film studios like Industrial Lights and Magic, MPC and also some individuals who work in the field of my interest. I would like to gain valuable skills that would help me secure a job in the film industry, but I understand that this is something very different than what is generally exhibited within a gallery. I will strive to create something which can walk the line between these two disciplines.


In my research I have focused on individuals as well as studios who have been creating work that is similar to my theme which is fluid simulations, particles, 3D objects, materials and their interaction in an unusual manner. The artists I have researched have inspired me to create my artworks be it with their approach to the subject or the thinking behind their creation. Even though some of the studios/artists I have researched create commercial works there is still emotion, originality and creativity present in them making them unique and interesting. Furthermore, I have researched various tutorials that helped me create my work ranging from fluid simulation creation to simple challenges I have run into in the process of creation. In the research phase I was looking for artists that created fantastical situations that couldn’t happen in real life as well as for the artists that utilized various combinations of the matter (fluids, gas, solid objects etc.). After that, I was looking for artists that used unconventional materials in the contrast with their environment such as large metal objects on top of mountains or figures created from melted wax in complex poses and in high detail. Moreover, I have spent a lot of time researching webinars and professional talks which were unrelated to my art but were necessary to gain perspective, knowledge and skill required for me to move forward in creating my art.

Curatorial Considerations

Once I have all of the sequences required I would like them to be projected in the studio space on a wall. The works will be displayed in sequences that correspond to their subject, main categories being fluid simulations, particle simulations and dynamic simulations. This sequences will be displayed according to the fluidity, motion and direction of the content. Each sequence will also be connected to the next one in the means of subject, visual similarity or direction of the motion. The sequences will be combined with each other with the method of juxtaposition and blending to observe their interaction and behaviour.

Techniques & Methods of Working

I strove to create art that is pleasing to look at and while being abstract in some cases as well. In the development of my projects I used many tutorials and reference pictures/videos to get a feel of how others approach this subject as well as using my own experience and experimentation in the process. Since this method requires mainly experimentation and every little detail can change the outcome of the artwork dramatically the main part of the process was to start with a basic concept and see where the process would lead me. While utilizing my limited knowledge of the software I was able to influence the movement of the objects and outcome of the result in some way but many of the sequences were unpredictable in a way that they could only be completely reviewed after rendering which was a time consuming process since the result could not be changed if there were some drastic mistakes.


Since the start of the semester I have been experimenting and learning the appropriate techniques to create the video sequences which are present in the exhibition. Starting off with sequences that were in the more simple nature I’ve built my confidence in creating these artworks. My main method for the creation of these afromentioned artworks was mainly experimentation. Since most of these sequences were demanding on the hardware the creation process was slowed down considerably mainly because the simulation that were required for this had to be simulated first and couldn’t be viewed in real time. Furthermore, any change in the nature of the simulation had to be re-simulated again making the time frame for the creation process even lower. Despite all of that and some technical difficulties I was able to create these sequences without any major complications. Given enough time and experience these sequences could’ve looked more realistic both in the visual and physical matter.


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