Comments and reflections on a fellow student’s critique review in ISP

William Holm

  • Professional approach
  • Extensive research
  • Original ideas
  • Going one step further to incorporate story behind some pieces
  • Good documenation
  • Ability to work on more projects at once
  • Good understanding and perspective in the art world
  • Good time management skills
  • Ability to back up his work with relevant research
  • Great presentation skills
  • Ability to create things needed from scratch
  • Ability to combine various materials together to create the artwork

Mikhail Sedov

An artist that specializes in particle simulations to create abstract objects. Utilizing particle simulations Sedov creates artworks with particles that follow a set of predetermined parameters. In doing so he creates interesting looking scenes which focus mostly on one subject. In his works Sedov utilizes various materials from organic to metal.


Filip Hodas

An artist that combines environments with organic shapes. In his works Hodas combines organic shapes that are placed within an environment thus creating a surreal composition. His artworks contain a lot of contrasting colors especially in the 3D objects. The materials he uses are mainly metallic and reflective. By placing these objects into the seemingly normal environments Hodas creates fantastical situations which are intriguing to look at. Furthermore, he employs photorealistic techniques of lighting and rendering to convice the viewer of the reality that would be possible without physical laws.


Comments and reflections on a fellow students working process in ISP

Jiří Karník

  • Ability to draw the theme for the paintings/drawings from his interestsä
  • Using the years of experience in drawing to his advantage
  • Clear and defined ideas
  • Ability to think outside of the box by incorporating other elements distant from paintings
  • Ability to utilize his experience properly
  • Ability to plan ahead
  • Easy to follow connection to the influences



This project contains a 3D model of an eye with appropriate textures and a fluid simulation that is surrounding the eye. In this scene I tried to create something more abstract by adding human context to it. The surrounding fluid is made to resemble styrofoam to further observe unnatural behaviour and create interesting results.

Dario Veruari

Veruari specializes in creating 3D abstract organic imagery. Utilizing particle systems he creates organic shapes that look similar to microorganisms. Throughout his work he combines emmisive, transparent, translucent and reflective materials to make these objects come to life. Most of these artworks consists of mainly sperical shapes which are connected with generated trail objects that are either thin or unified depending on the desired style.